“Who Is My Councillor for Dordon Parish?”

When it comes to helping our local community, we at Dordon Parish Labour Group always make sure that we’re out there, in the public eye, with our ear to the ground.

If you’re a resident, the chances are that you’ll know at least one us from around town. If you don’t, then you’ll likely be wondering “who is my councillor?” For Dordon Parish, you have a fantastic team of people available to you. They love their local area and are working hard to make sure your voice is heard on the issues that are close to your heart. Meet them below!


 Borough Councillors



 Peter Morson

Pete has been your local Borough and Parish Councillor for over 30 years. He was the youngest Borough and Parish Councillor when he first decided to stand for the Dordon Ward. He was also the youngest Mayor for North Warwickshire in 1993. Peter has a wealth of experience at County, Borough and Parish levels and has been instrumental in the total reconstruction of Dordon village.

He has lived in Dordon all his life and his one true passion is for serving the village he loves. When you ask “who is my councillor,” in Dordon Parish, Peter Morson is rightly the first name that springs to mind.


 Jacky Chambers

Jacky and her family lived in Dordon for 30 years until seven years ago, when their home was demolished to make way for the Birch Coppice development. She now lives in Baxterley, with her husband Gavin Gordon who was an Accident and Emergency consultant at the George Eliot hospital.

Jacky is a medically qualified public health doctor who once she retired stood and was elected as your Labour Borough Councillor in 2015. In the past, she was also Chair of School Governors at Dordon Primary School and fought successfully with other parents to keep the school open.

Over the last 4 years, Jacky has been a strong voice for local people campaigning with the Stop the Build Action group to try and change the plan to build thousands of houses on the countryside, which surrounds the village. She knows from personal experience, what happens when green fields, woodland and bluebells disappear under concrete.


Paris Councillors


Parish Group in DordonCarmel Morson


Carmel married Peter 51 years ago and lives with him in Dordon. When her children were young, she helped at Dordon Primary School, worked there as a Lunch Time Assistant was also Parent Governor. “I was a NWBC Borough Councillor and Mayor of the Borough in 2000. I am also a Dordon Parish Councillor.

When my children left school, I went back into Education and became a Lecturer at North Warwickshire and Hinckley College. I taught Home Economics, Food Science & Nutrition, as well as Advanced Social Care. I gained the following qualifications: Diploma in Home Economics, Cert Ed in Adult Education at Brookes Oxford, RSA Counselling, Management, Resident Care etc. I became a manager in Warwickshire County Council Services for Learning Disabilities in Nuneaton, after which I retired.

I first met my husband Pete when playing a guitar in a Band at the Dordon Village Hall. We found out both our parents knew each other and married 2 years later, in 1971.”



Parish Group in DordonJohn Winter


“I am a family man living in Dordon with 2 grown up sons and a daughter. I was from the North East and came to Dordon when the Mines closed, some 30 years ago. During my working life I have been a Mechanical Engineer and Trade Union Secretary at Birch Coppice Mine. I’m currently a Dordon Parish Councillor and member of Dordon Neighbourhood Plan.

On NWBC, I served on the Planning Board and Housing Committee as Vice Chairman. As a Labour Party member, I was North Warwickshire Labour Group Chief Whip and Chairman of the Dordon Ward Labour Party. I am retired.”



Parish Group in DordonNeil Chapman








Parish Group in Dordon 


“Who Is My Councillor for Dordon Parish?”


Now you know! Come and drop by our monthly surgery (last Saturday of every month, from 12pm), at Ashleigh Community Centre and let us know your concerns.

If you’d rather call, we’re available on 01827 892 046 or via email, at info@dordonparishlabourgroup.co.uk.


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