What Do We Want for Your Village?

Since 1987, Peter Morson has been your representative and your personal mouthpiece, dedicated to serving the local community in the way that it wants. When it comes to community planning for Dordon Parish, the Dordon Parish Labour Group go above and beyond to make sure your voice is heard. We’ve won re-election every time since Peter took the helm, and serve at Borough and Parish level with pride.

Down below, you’ll see a few of the more pressing talking points that we’re currently focusing on. We’ve got a fantastic track record of getting things done and, no doubt, we’ll deliver here too.



Parish Group in Dordon



What WE Want for Dordon is What YOU Want for Dordon

So, what’s on your mind? Give us a call on 01827 892 046 or contact us via email, at info@dordonparishlabourgroup.co.uk, and let us know.


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Borough Issues


Housing Development

The local housing development that is currently under construction threatens our small village way of life. The Tories insist on building a minimum of 3000 new houses in an area used locally for dog walkers and for residents to enjoy the countryside.



The A5

This massive influx of new homes will put further pressure on the A5 – the main trunk road that runs through our village. It is already overburdened, with various bottlenecks causing traffic, delays and pollution. This road needs a radical rethink if the aforementioned homes are to be built.



Rising Cost of Living

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, costs of living have skyrocketed. The Tory regime have implemented higher council tax, the police precept and the like, alongside cuts to services such as borough care and the environmental health of the area.





 Parish Issues



Maintaining Village Life

The influx of new homes that are to be built in our quiet, peaceful village, as part of the community planning for Dordon Parish, will see our way of life irreparably altered. Every care must be taken to ensure that the quiet village of Dordon remains as such.



Untouched Green Spaces

What’s more, these homes are to be built on land used by local residents to walk their dogs and enjoy the countryside. If these homes are to be built on top of that land, there will be no remaining green space in our entire village!




Have Your Say on the Community Planning for Dordon Parish

Do these changes seem like the right thing for our village? If you want to get involved and be a part of a change in approach, we’d love to have you on board. Call us on 01827 892 046 or contact us via email, at info@dordonparishlabourgroup.co.uk, and join the team today!

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